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Members of our faculty come from top learning centers from around the world, bringing with them diverse perspectives, ideas and perceptions. All our instructors possess an all-rounded viewpoint to the developments taking place in our surrounding environment and each one is dedicated towards imparting the knowledge they have gained through experience to fresh, young minds so that they are able to take whatever challenges that come their way head-on.

Many of our faculty members have earned a PhD degree in a variety of fields, including Economics, Engineering and even Humanities. Through our highly advanced and technologically superior system, our faculty members can easily interact and connect with students, no matter where they may be, thus ensuring an encouraging and positive learning environment whereby students are in constant touch with their respective faculty for higher and impactful learning.


our Faculty

  • Prof. Liza C. Zerangue PhD Applied Physics, University of Arkansas
  • Prof. Ted K. Rosario PhD Statistics, University of Birmingham
  • Prof. Brad E. Schweigert PhD Biochemistry, University of Chicago
  • Prof. Charles C. Richardson PhD Software Engineering, Liberty University
  • Prof James S. Carter PhD Communication, Monash University, Australia
  • Prof. Danny A. Perez PhD Economic, University of Queensland
  • Prof. Matthew G. NevarezPhD Ecology & Conservation, Central European University

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prides on being one of the few online universities that sports an extremely capable and experienced team of professors and instructors coming from different countries of the world. Our team of professors are committed towards instilling the drive to learn within students so that they continue to strive to improve, thereby positioning themselves to take advantage of future opportunities. If you wish to serve as a role model for future generations by creating a positive and encouraging environment for students and if you have what it takes to inspire young minds to become game changers, then join our team of highly qualified and experienced faculty. Be a part of the change! To apply, email us at careers@Parkfielduniversity.com or contact us at info@Parkfielduniversity.com or for more information.

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